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IP4 Parallign Install Electric Seam Clamp

IP4 Electric Parallign Installer Seam Clamp from Monument Tools $725. - 4 clamps Portable w/Vacuum Pump, same as Standard parallign, portable with a built in vacuum pump to take on the jobsite. We also carry parts and gasket replacement sets.

The parallign seam clamp was developed to quickly clamp and align solid surface materials in near perfect alignment.
Connecting two powerful venturi vacuum pods with precision linear bearings accomplish this. The bottom of the pods are machined perfectly flat and will pull down onto the two surfaces with about 275 lbs per pod.
A twist of the spring loaded cam pulls the seam together and finishes the job. It even works on vertical seam tables


  • This electric seam clamp is portable with a built in vacuum pump to take on the jobsite.
  • Perfectly clamped seams with a minimum amount of time and effort
  • Operates with shop air or a small portable air compressor, runs at 90PSI
  • Aligns surfaces as well as clamps seams
  • Ski route the adhesive  and go to finish sanding with 120-180 grit
  • Each kit includes 4 seam clamps in a protective case.
  • The sturdy case makes it easy to set up and store.

Call for a quote: Select Machinery Inc. 800-789-2323 - for all your Solid Surfacing Tool needs.


IP4 Electric Parallign Seam Clamp $725.

IP4 Electric Parallign Seam Clamp $725.

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